Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time is almost up :)

Ohhh the patch has come and Lamthara is still here.
She got a new haircut and now her smile is brighter than ever because the time of the expansion is almost arrived :PP

Moveover she has got a lot of new "lam-friends" one per class... so my plan to have one character per class has been completed (only the mage and the shaman are around lvl 60)

The happiness comes also from the knowledge of the fact that now that the instances and the raids have been nerfed quite heavily and every character in my hands is able to do the roles i want to play... so even if my protection paladin Lamnishaa isn't that much i can tank Nightbane and every boss in the high tower of Medivh.
Ahhhhh and so sweet is the feeling of being useful ^^

The new patch has also introduced the achivements so there is a stronger reason to take people to the old raids :)

I guess that Onyxia and C'Thun will meet more people nowadays and even if they aren't "that epic" anymore the fights are always funny and sometimes there is recipe that u didn't have...

...or a place where u have always desired to go but you couldn't because your guild wasn't strong enough to face it at 60 and at 70 they didn't have any desire because "there aren't Badge of Justice there". But now at least you can have a simple reward just downing the bosses there something very useful like a pink tabard O_o or the surname Jerkins behind your name.

So sometimes, waiting the expansion, if we don't raid, do heroics, or boost little guildies..... and when i am annoyed to do the dailies i try to solo the old baron run...

... :( no.... the mount never ever ever ever ever drops....


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