Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Karazhan, game over...

Monday is a good day... and can be even better when you have the occasion to clear Karazhan, the raid you've done for the last months.

During the weekend we were quite busy to collect all the stuff that was necessary to summon Nightbane. Once got inside we went to the balcony, and waited everyone to be really "ready" (which means... go to the bathroom, turn off the lights, take a confortable position :P) and then the game started.

Nightbane is, in my personal opinion, a boring boss... the fight it's just the same with only some thrills inbetween (when phase 2 is activated at 75%, 50% and 25% of his health)... I mean... Moroes is funnier... and Opera even better.

But it's ok, now my guild has downed this boss and cleared Karazhan... I have been part of it keeping on playing as much as i like but not more :)

Maybe this means anything... maybe ^^


Anonymous Kevin said...

Unfortunately Kara is becoming old and boring for many of us. You can only do it so many times before you burnout. The new Sunwell raids are helping to fill in for the boredom now until the expansion.

Blogger Gibbiex said...

Hey different strokes I think. Some guilds struggle on Kara every week, due their inherent casualness. As a hard-core raider I think thats fine. Glad the content is still fresh to you, and think of what lies ahead for the guild if you have the desire. ZA is very reasonable now that you can clear kara. THe 25mans are within range too. Gruul is a very easy 25man and Mag is on the same tier (but a bit harder).

Blogger Samownall said...

Kara is old and boring but do it with some friends and it can be a very fun evening. GZ!
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