Monday, January 28, 2008

oh my God! Karazhan?

A not so long time ago i have wrote a post about my guild saying that since we were casual players we were more pvp oriented since this game style didn't steal us too much time.
But as in the movie with Jack Nicholson... something has changed... :)

Doing a lot of pvp you get a good gear, not good for everything, but good enough to face the beginning of the pve content and so we decided to make a trip to Karazhan just to test outselves (and maybe gain enough reputation to be able to buy the epic recipes....). And beyond any thoughts we have gone incredibly well. We downed the first three bosses (Attumen, Moroes and the Maiden) at the first try.

I've very very very very proud of us all also because noone of us (but me and another healer) went there before, the main tank was a new lvl70 druid and the offtank was another druid resto specced for the arena dressing the merciless feral pvp gear.
Everything has gone quite smoothly till we met the Maiden...

...after that we tried to make the opera event but probably we pushed it too much :P because we have to fact the Wizard of Oz event and noone of us knew how to make it. We read a bit on internet but we exploded, the warlock had to go away and so we gave us an appointment for the next day.

Now... the big question... how can we keep on being casual players and raid at the same time?
The answer is: from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. if we are able to make something that is good... if not we try next time. And not all the days of the week.

What can i say...? It was funny and it is also nice to play "relaxed" knowing that if you really have to go noone will yell at you.


Blogger Drewtoby said...

Yeah I wish I could raid. If you are just starting wow check out my site at:

Anonymous Elizabeth said...

My guild's philosophy seems to be the same as yours, though we're in the lesser stage. Right now, we're all tuning for Kara, "just in case."

We PvP all the time and run a few instances, and our thinking is, if we just put our gear to good use and go to Kara instead of dungeons, then maybe we could start a little fun raiding.

I think it's completely possible to have a casual/raiding guild. As you said, it's fun to have that relaxed feeling, but also to get some loot. ;)

Blogger Lamthara said...

Everything is possible if you have people that when you try to do something comes with you :)

I wish you to go to Karazhan when you'll desire... anyway now we'll have an new 5-men instance to enjoy and and some heroics are even harder than Kara in my opinion so i'm sure you'll be ready when the time will come :)


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