Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tanking is sweet....

I come back to write down a little post on this blog :)
i wasn't writing anything for more than a month... but i didn't forget it just that there wasn't anything special to write down. I haven't gone to black temple... i haven't seen anything new so i just concentrate to level up some other alts.
And when you do the same quests for the fifth time i guess you have told all you could say already one year ago.

By the way after an healer (lamthara the priest), a melee dps (lamsoth the rogue), a dotter (lamjang the lock) i have got a "tank". Lamnishaa, my sweet paladin, is lvl 69 but i'll complete her training for saturday and so i'll finally be able to tank in the instances... well... i do it already but i don't have access to all those wonderful gears because i can't simply wear it (they all ask me to be 70) and so sometimes i sweat a bit if the healer isn't fast enough to refill my green bar :P

Anyway yesterday i have received the tank baptism, I've gone to Shadow Labyrith with a pick up group and i've gone till the end with only two wipes.
Talking about them i have to say they happened when i was tanking Murmur and the big big problem was paladins don't have a charge or intercept ability that allow them to go close to the boss in a fast way. After the sonic boom, if u haven't avoided it, you get a slow effect that can't be dispelled (neither with blessing of freedom) and so the good boy Murmur will shot down all your party before you'll be in range again :P

Solution? Don't care about anything... just stand in front of the boss and let the healer heals you after all the sonic boom won't kill you, you still will have 2000 hp after it and with a long heal you'll be full again.
Or maybe you can use divine intervention to avoid damage and cancel it after the aoe... but i have not tried it so if you use it and you wipe don't put the blame on me :PPP


Blogger Flis said...

Hey Lamthara! Congratulations on clearing Karazhan. I can remember how awesome I felt the first time my guild did it. =]

The screenshots were wonderful, too.

Please feel free to comment back on my blog. The more comments that go back on forth between both our blogs, the better.

Grats again
Flis of the Nights Watch

Blogger Enrico said...

it's really nice ure blog,so sweety :)


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