Wednesday, January 16, 2008

...and rogue

My second character is Lamsoth the rogue, he's the big brother of Lamthara but he doesn't share with her the religious side of life... we can say he is a little bit less moral :)

By the way, the rogue, is a nice class that is easy to be played but hard to mastered. They don't have too many abilities but you'll see that most of them have a cooldown and if not they are, on the other side, related to your energy bar so that, if the fight is too long, you could really find yourself with no moves to do to kill the other :/

As a rogue you'll always start the fight because you'll be stealth and the others can't see you... so it'll be yours the right to "open the dances" and play in a way the other won't be able to counterattack you. A lot of people say rogues should become weaker because they have the ability to keep you stunned for a lot of time making a huge amount of damage but it's not 100% true. Rogue are pretty fragile... any class, in a long period, would be able to kill them so the ability to stun the opponent is the only real defence they have... and in fact when you fight a class that can keep you far away or is immune to stun (let's say mages who can blink far away from you even if stunned but there are other classes with some other tricks) rogues don't have many chances.

I am fascinated by this class... fragile and powerful at the same time. If you will become a rogue be ready to become quite indipendent, see places that usually you shouldn't be able to see, be able to solo a lot of high instances because you'll be able to skip the groups of mob and, above all, enjoy the "second chance" your vanish powder will give you. Don't understimate it... almost all the classes, once in the corner, die... not a rogue :)


Anonymous wowup said...

but instance or raid,maybe i will choose the other class.

Blogger Lamthara said...

yes and no.. i guess a rogue can be useful in many ways.

Actually there only some boss fights that are uhm... too hard for a rogue (i think at the first boss of Mechanar Heroic where if you get a different debuff from the tank you explode :P )


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