Monday, January 14, 2008

what happens when you play a.... priest!

Since i've rolled and played a lot of character so far I guess i've saved enough experience to be able to talk about what happens when you play a class instead of another. I'll talk about what you will meet in your class life and the walls you'll crash to... you wont' see any numbers here :)

So now we'll start from the priest class because Lamthara is my main character and she's the one i've played more.

Differently from what you read from the manual the priest is a strange class that is not 100% devoted to the healing side of the game. Yes you'll have a huge number of healing spells but you'll be able to top the damage meter as well or play the battlegrounds with the "can't touch this" song... it is all up to your spec and talent build. This has astonished me because i have chosen to be a priest to heal but once i've seen life was so sweet making all the things blow... i've been shadow a lot (moreover i've discovered on the dark side they have cookies... ^^)

The good news is that no matter the spec you'll choose if you aren't planning to close yourself in Serpentine Shrine and being the holiest healer for the rest of your life, you'll still be able to heal in the normal 5 men instance. If the tank is not afk :) And in any case a shadow priest as an healer is better than any other healer because priests are flexible.

We have cures for every season... the one that heals you slowly, the fast one but small one, the one that jumps from you to another one, the aoe heal, the huge one that comes after an year of casting but once it comes it will fills you and overheal you (if it isn't too late :P ).

Anyway if you choose to be a priest be ready to see that sometimes some mobs are just too hard for you... since you lack or tricks sometimes the best strategy is just to run away and try after with an help hand of another guy.

In conclusion: the priest is a beautiful class, able to adapt almost to all situations and be a good dpser and one of the best healer of the game (if not the best), you'll sweat a lot leveling up but once you'll be on the top you'll discover how beautiful is to heal your mate, kill the other one and be whispered by millions of people looking for you and only you.

Indeed... someone is confused, as this pic shows, about this class but doesn't matter :)


Anonymous Moramor said...

Great post. I recently began leveling a priest, because I wanted a change from my lock, and because healers are always in demand.

My friend who was leveling a holly priest, told me he could beat anyone in PVP. This was after at level 10 he could whip my level 10 mage behind. So dishing damage, and being able to survive while you do it is a huge plus.

So now I'm leveling my priest and its a very complex class, but it is definitely not a healer only. I love the bubble, and when ever I switch to run around with my Warlock, I always think to my self, I wish i could have the bubble right now.

Anonymous Gordo said...

Generally, I agree, and I am just about finished with my own quest to have a 70 in every class (the last one, a warrior, is 68).

For those of you thinking about rolling a priest here is the skinny:

First of all, be prepared for the early portion of your characters leveling to suck . . . BAD. The priest is bar none the worst class to level from 1-20. Get a wand, get it early.

On a brighter note, though, you are probably the most consistent leveler from that point on barring the rogue. From 20-40 you will cruise by the melee classes, and you should keep pace with hunter and warlock until about level 50.

The class will help you learn about other classes as well. As much of your job will be anticipating who to heal you will quickly see the placement and aggro mistakes most DPS make.

The priest is all about flexibility. It is that more than anything that makes us the best 5 man healer in the game. Watch a marginally geared pally try to heal the first boss in H Crypts or a druid do the second boss in H Mgt. A priest can do that stuff in their sleep.

Just be prepared for the price of being a master generalist. In BC, raiding became a very strict game of min/max and raid stacking. Classes were brought for 1-2 things they did exceptionally. Both the druid and priest, as healers, suffered because of this (if only in perception). CoH and lifebloom were buffed into overpowered-ness to get raid spots, and very few priests got to raid Disc unless they had been long term members of a guild.

The other perception issue to be prepared for is the multitudes of welfare gear DPS that expect to be carried through easy content. As your post said it is now possible to heal pretty much all 5 man content as shadow. Yet we still get asked for crazy plus heals and healing spec to do even the most basic content. All I know is in vanilla WoW you didn’t demand the healer be in T2 to run UBRS.

3.0 is a sea change for priests though. The largest change to all things is our new dependence on +crit in all our trees. This means that all but full T6 shadow priests are going to need to change gear relatively quickly in Northrend.


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