Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ehi! what's happening here :) ?

Patch 2.3 has been released and i've discovered that, even if slightly, the exp process is smoother and faster because of the exp given by the mobs and because of the exp reward of the quests. And that is sweeeeeeeeeeeet :) since i have in program a couple of other alts ^^

A nice discover has been that in Theramore now there are tons of quests to do... a new city... and above all an epic fight against a kind of monstrous giant boss. Yesterday i've was going to Ironforge to get my new talents (lvl 46 diiiiiing :P) and i've seen this.

Looking forward to understand how i will be able to summon it (because i guess i can summon it... people told me it is a quest...

Wow... O___O


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