Wednesday, November 28, 2007

so many things....

Well, well, well... it has been a lot of time i didn't write something here... but the reason is just that the hands and the head behind the life of Lamthara have been quite busy.
Real life sometimes is hard, time consuming and additive... more than World of Warcraft :P

First of all i have to say that Lamthara and Lamsoth (the "tough" rogue) are in vacation. They just go to make some daily quests, a trip here and there to help people in needs and kick some bad guys in the arena ^^.

And this doesn't stop them to see something strange... for instance Lamthara has recently discovered the reason it is important that Blizzard will introduce new haircuts. This rogue is just like her and the fun a mirror image of you vanish in a couple of seconds thinking that maybe there are a lot of Lamtharas out there... oh boy... she's not that special anymore and she can't call herself cute if there is a girl that could be considered her twin :P

Lamjang instead is getting a great fun, growing up as fast as she can and starting to discover the hidden dark power that only a warlock can control (ehm... and sometimes neither her... for example don't use Hellfire like a normal aoe...).

Recently she has been involved in a nice serie of quests dedicated to her class and now she has the power to summon an infernal... a bad, rocky, green guy made of stone, fel fire and with the instict of destruction for everything.

You can see her summoning the pet for the first time in Darnassus (hell :( i wanted to unleash the power of him in Ironforge but the tooltip says he can't be summoned indoors). Nice isn't it? I think she'll grow so much that she'll learn how to banish Lord Kazzak. So demons out there... pay attention... Lamjang is coming you ya ^,,^ !!!


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

i want an infernal :(

Blogger Lamthara said...

eheheh :) that pet is simply awesome... it sucks a bit to keep the aggro but he's able to kill as a bloodthirsty blacksmith. It's quite funny to send it a group of mob and seeing him killing all of 'em in no time... i'm looking forward to get the doomguard :PPPP


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