Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mil is <3

This post is only for a guy of my server... so read at your risk since it could be boring ^^.

On Burning Blade i've met this guy, Mil, who is a shadow priest just like Lamthara and unbelievable... he loves gnomes O___o''

No seriously! This is a tricky problem because on forums and almost everywhere i've seen that usually people hate gnomes. If they are horde then they gank us and sometimes cannibalize us :/ if they are of the Alliance they don't want to play with us because... because... i don't know the reason but i guess they are quite snobs :/

Instead he told me he loves gnomes and he has four or five gnomes... one per class and colour of the hair.

Mil.... when Lamjang will grow up she'll give you the chocolate of the Saint Valentine :)


Anonymous Mil said...

wtf.. omg I didnt see this xD

yes i love gnomes.. hmhmmm so cute!! if I see one i will follow her around until either of us log or I find a cuter one =/

..not that i have a midget fetish or anything.. just abit ****ed in the head i guess :>


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