Friday, November 02, 2007

Dude... where's my head :)

Hallow's End is a nice festival... and it last more than I could imagined.
For the occasion we (me and some guys of my guild) decided to go to Scarlet Monastery and try to take down the Headless Horseman.
Sometimes we wiped (i guess an Arms warrior as a tank and a shadow priest as an healer and 3 so and so dps aren't the best party for this fight)...

...and sometimes we won :)

The loot was also good (i wont a +60AP and +31 stamina ring with Lamsoth) but i haven't been able to pick up any flying broom :P
I was so happy for this than i have done a little movie of the fight using the video capture function of the mac client.

You will see how Lamsoth is noob but who cares... this is for you all that weren't able to go to Scarlet... enjoy :)

And Lamjang...? Well she is in Stormwind dressing as a real warlock (Lamthara has crafted for her the first shadoweave set and now people shivers when she walks close to them :P)


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