Monday, August 27, 2007

Little rogues grow up....

When i'm not busy saving people and killing monsters stealing the aggro of my tank i have the pleasure to play a rogue: Lamsoth.
Recently he has made two important decision in his life... first respec combat sword (before he was combat dagger) and second rush to lvl 58 to see Outland with his own eyes ^^.

It was a nice morning yesterday, woken up in Light Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands, checked his quest log and killed a a few mobs and DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING :P to underline the happy moment I've taken Lamsoth to a nice trip in Silvermoon city.
I guessed that his blood cousins could be a little bit more polite and instead sometimes two lvl 65 guards came and tried to kill him... is it just because he has bigger and longer ears than them :/ this is discrimination my dear cousins!!!

By the way after this he has gone to take the new skills (wow... ambush! ambush O__o'? I'm combat sword... oh crap.... then... sprint and kick.... :/ what the... what a big waste of gold coins) and taken the gryphon, riden the tiger and there it was: the Dark Portal.

It was just as Lamthara remembered ^^ green, beautiful, with a great felstorm above him and full of promises.

A new life is starting now.. a life made of quests of 10k exp each, a life made of mobs that drops incredible stuff and life made of guild instance runs :)
Welcome to Outland Lamsoth maybe soon you'll be able to change that crappy shoulders you are keeping from lvl 40 :P


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Blogger Lamthara said...

yep ^^... but the sad thing is that i've promised a guild mate (who is lvl 56) that i'll wait for him to reach lvl 58 so that we'll quest together in outland. So i'm using another alt now (a little gnome warlock).

Shame :/ Because just to see it was yesterday i've done a couple of quests and just killing 10 mobs (plus the quest exp reward) i've got 20k of exp O___________o


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