Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Creating sand mandalas...

Recently I'm focusing all my energies and attention on my alts, a rogue (Lamsoth) and little gnome warlock (Lamjang), so when Lamthara is woken up she usually goes to make daily quest to gain enough money to buy the mats to craft the spellstrike hood + pants... and some heroic instances where she can gain the precious badges of justice... and maybe a primal nether here and there ^^.

She has decided to become full shadow (with a spicy flavour of discipline but i guess there is no priest who has gone really deep in a talent tree leaving the others ^^), respec shadowcloth tailoring and now she is dressing a full frostshadoweave set all socketed up and for she has to thank Laurora a friend of her, druid, and that has decided to take a break from the alliance going to roll an undead horde somewhere else ^^.

Laurora... i won't never thank you enough :)

Sailing to reach +1000 damage Lamthara is thinking that probably healing is not that bad so i guess that when she'll reach that objective she'll respec again. Life is beautiful when you can change it for only 20g :)


Blogger Samownall said...

20g respec ftw. I cried when mine hit 100g the other day... Nice blog btw - have linked to it from mine.

Samownall - World of warcraft

Blogger Lamthara said...

thanks ^^

i have said a lie anyway :PP I can respect for 20g but i have to respec tailoring too and that is a little bit more expensive (150g).

Anyway i two days, thanks to the daily quests i can afford that price :P

I've checked your blog too, nice, nice, nice! :)


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