Friday, September 08, 2006

...and what about Zidane?

I've gone to go a walk in Uldaman... and i got out all red :(

So i gave up and i've started to take a look at the Badlands and trying to find a gryphon point that could take me back to Ironforge. You know... fix stuff, drink a cup of tea...
And there i've seen, behing a little hill, two taurens with their pets... and one of them was called Materazzi O_________o''

Now... I was a bit curious to see there was a pet called in that way as the italian footbal team player... so i'm asking to myself it there will be also Zidane out there ^__^'... and if Materazzi is gorilla probably taken in Stranglethorn Vale... then zidane can be a ram that lives around Dun Morogh :P


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